Frequent Asked Questions

Everything there is to know about CRMs and how they can help your business. Additional queries? Contacting our help is always possible.

Consumer relationship management is known as CRM. It’s a software program that enables businesses to coordinate and evaluate all of their encounters with current and prospective customers. If you pick the appropriate method, it should be as easy as it sounds.

With Finskale Systems, we hope to offer our clients a CRM solution that is quick, simple to use, dependable, secure, and inventive; something that will help you expand your clientele while maintaining a simple and straightforward process. You will be able to improve your sales by 30% thanks to our first-rate brokerage software.

Our CRM is available in a variety of flavors, including Forex and CFDs, Affiliate, and Introducing Brokers.

In addition to the CRM, we also provide a Client Portal, Affiliate Portal, and Leaderboard system for the FX and CFD flavour, ensuring that you are set up and prepared to go from all aspects of your company.

We are aware that selecting a CRM system is a crucial choice and that it can occasionally be intimidating. We want you to know that we will do everything in our power to make the procedure as easy and seamless as possible.

Having said that, we have made it incredibly simple to collect all the information we need from you by streamlining our registration procedures. You don’t need to feel overwhelmed because we’ll be here to help you out and direct your inquiries.

No need to stress! We have this handled for you as well. In helping with data migrations, our staff has knowledge and experience. We have a meeting to talk data mapping once you have the files from your old provider, and then our developers handle it from there. Before you realize it, Finskale Systems will have you up and running.

This relies on you and the demands of your business. We make sure to cover everything during your onboarding period as we walk you through the entire process step by step and go over all the requirements. You inform us of your requirements, and we will assist you in setting everything up in your CRM.

Certainly, we will! Your devoted Customer Success Manager and our support team collaborate to ensure that you receive the proper exposure to our CRM so that you can establish a firm understanding of it. It goes further than that. They both still provide you with any extra training you feel you might require in addition to continuing to provide training on new release features.

Please let us know how we can be of assistance.