Increase your conversion ratios

An ultimate broker tool to maximise your company’s potential

Reach first lead faster

Connect any VOIP provider.


Manage and analyze

Check out our multiple dashboards for informed decisions.


Monitor your team

Boost productivity and identify areas for improvement.


Drive sales

See a 30 percent increase in sales.

CRM built for sales and retention teams

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VOIP integration

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Automated Ninja dialing

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SMS and email integration

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Calendar and task integration


Get the most out of your leads

It takes time and resources to get leads onto your CRM. To maximize your profits you have to get the most out of your leads and minimize churn. The Antelope Ninja uses smart rules to programmatically route leads to your best-converting agent boosting sales up to 30 percent.
Call Manager

Manage your teams more effectively

Keeping tabs on what your sales teams can be a daunting task and in an industry where quick reactions are a must, you have to keep track of every aspect of your sales process. The Antelope Call Manager is a supreme tool for brokers that puts you in complete control.

Do more with your existing clients

It’s a lot easier to retain an existing client than to onboard a new one. The Antelope Retention Dashboard brings together a collection of tools designed to improve your retention metrics, reduce churn and make your bottom line a whole lot healthier.

Connect all your third-party providers

Finskale comes pre-configured with integrations to major Email, VOIP, SMS, Push Notifications and platform providers. If your provider isn’t in the list, let us know and we’ll get you up and running.

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